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Just gonna drop in again to say:

Elves are fictional creatures. They don't have to adhere to a rigid standard based on tradition. New traditions get created all the time. D&D is flexible when it comes to ensuring the best player experience. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be able to identify with the character you play by having it resemble you--that's why we have character creators.

Having greater diversity that reflects real world diversity hurts no-one and can dramatically improve the experience of people who have long been told they don't look like the "standard."

I don't get this. Why would I want to create an elf that looks like me? If I would be able to make an elf that looked like me it would not only be ugly, it woudl also no longer be an elf. It would be a human.
I can get behind implementing more diverse faces and ethnicities for the human race in BG3 for those that want to create a character that looks more like they do irl. But please don't make elves, dwarves etc just look like other humans with different stats.