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SH smiles more often than not. Gone is the resting scowl. It's much, much easier to get from "you'll do" to "pleasant surprise" dialogue.

She no longer breaks off the relationship after the kiss, instead she thinks the relationship shows promise. Which for me ruins part of the "I fear what might be in my memories, these feelings are a threat to my relationship with Shar" aspects of the romance.

Totally screw that change it fucks up her character so much. It's not even a character anymore. This is a populist change that goes against the integrity of the character to appeal the crowd.

Now I'm not saying Larian shouldn't do what the fans want, but they also shouldn't comprises on things like character consistency.

I totally agree with that sentiment.

Characters and Storyline are developers choice. They are the authors. I too felt that the characters where too agressive and negative given the situation. My personal beef with it ia that i missed other reactions i could have taken or answers i would have given.
What i think frustrated my was that i had to let them walk all over me because as a player you usually don't kill or remove certain npcs from the game. So i kind of felt compelled to be nice to an asshole. Not a good feeling.

I would rather travel alone than with a bunch of egomaniacs. (havent played the new, so i will see)

The point is that you aren't forced to. Whenever I play a wellbehaved and gentle character I avoid the companions that are a**holes, but sometimes I play around with them creating mixed parties with opposites characters just to see their rambling. But again the game lets players to choose wich companions they want.

Moreover I don't understand the need to have everything in a game make in a way that satisfies any whim of theirs.

On the long run, at least in my experience, games that comply to everything a fan wants end up to be flat and not engaging (a issue I have with the herosexuality of companions, how much I miss my male elf character pinning on Alistaire or my Mass effect male sheppard falling for James Vegas and going with kaidan as a rebound affair *.* ).

If Larian had to make a change it could have been done gradualy that is: if your character acts in a way that resonates positevely then the companion gets more relatable, on the contrary if you act in ways that contrast their opinions and valors they gradualy become more cold, distant, harsh.

From what I've read up to know what Larian did was to simply erase the edgy aspects of Shadowheart.

(and now a personal question I made to myself, due to the fact that the characters who where aim of the major part complains are the two female ones, is if the problem has really anything to do with roleplaying or gameplay or is the fact that being Laez'el and Shadowheart we as players expect them to be strong but still "feminine" [you know, the old stuff that labels a woman "a bitch" if, when in charge, she acts bossy while a male can act bossy and be considered a leader even if a bit harsh).

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