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I just want marquee select. Seriously, how hard is it to implement?

Apparently really hard.

(Me too.)

I'm afraid that kind of select may prove not that comfortable in ful 3D with somewhat short zoom distance, verticality and complex environment.

I did wonder about that, what vertical plane is the marquee on etc, but you could likely just treat the viewport as a plane and select whatever you can see with a marquee. I think the trouble partly stems from Larian having built their model as co-op focused (which is partly why they’ve been really successful). I also think they’re aiming higher than traditional infinity-style CRPGs and trying to take this kind of micromanagement out of the game where you feel the need to boss each partly member around constantly. And that actually suits D&D 100%. The only problem is they’re not there yet – the clumsy AI gets you in trouble which makes you want to exert more control. That and there are a couple of QoL commands missing.

If they ever give us the ability to summon multiple creatures like you should be able to in 5E then marquee select would be very useful though – unless you like exploration with a controller (as I do), in which case you’re going to have a big gaggle of crocodiles etc bumbling around behind you.