In my new Patch 3 playthrough it appears as if Mol is dead Mol is gone. eek

After saving Mirkon from the harpies and him telling me to go ask Doni about the Dragon's Lair I forgot and just started doing other things (Underdark/Swamp/etc). When I had a stop back in the druid grove I remembered that I hadn't gone there yet so I asked Doni about the Dragon's Lair and he let me in.

Once inside I saw 2 tiefling boys walking off; Zaki and Mirkon. Talking to Zaki he told me that I didn't look so tough and that Mol fought off a Hobgoblin or something. However, Mirkon had a very different response.

When I spoke to him (before he had walked off completely) he screamed: "I wish the harpies would have killed you!"

Looking around the cave Mol was not in her usual spot and the items aren't red (owned) anymore. As such it almost looks as if for some strange reason Mol died or something and the boy we saved at the beach blamed me for it.

As such I hope Larian can check up on this as I never had this issue during any of my earlier Patch 2 playthroughs and Mol was always alive and well down in this cave. frown

But she's not in the 'Dragon's Lair' anymore. Now she's just standing near the training area where the other tiefling children are fighting against training dummies. When talking to her she still has responses that make it appear as if she's still down in the cave.

So apparently there are 2 issues:

Mirkon screams at me "I wish the harpies would have killed you!" for no reason
Mol isn't in the cave but in the training area

Relevant images in spoilers below:
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

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