I miss the good old times when fantasy was not politicized.
And when Elves, which are a northern fantasy creature, would look like "Northern people" aka "Caucasian".
Which I am very grateful to see in Baldurs Gate 3 still being the case.

Elves are "Human like" but they are not Humans!
They are "Spirits" made flesh more than we as Humans should ever be.
Which means they also would not evolve to different climates -> and the "African, Asian, Caucasian" facial features etc. -> are just evolution trying to adapt the overall "Human archetype" to different climates.

But Elves are not Humans. And as in Forgotten Realms lore stated, they have Fae-heritage, a spiritual heritage from another dimension.
I doubt that a heritage so strong that it still goes strong even in a time of being exposed to a different material plane over generations, would be a weak one that succumbs to physical evolution to that plane.
" But why do they look like 'Caucasian' then? "
Get used to it. Maybe a Half-Elf can have another heritage look, but no a full Elf.
That would be just wierd. And disrespectful to the original.

We all know this stereotype Alien called the "Gray" right?
This wierd bubblehead like dude with pitchblack eyes and a thin body?
Guess what this Alien is supposed to look like that.
What good would it do to give him another look and still call him a Gray?

" I find this offensive. "
[Linked Image]
Stfu Jiren, nobody takes Dragonball's universe(ses) that seriously anyways.

But Baldurs Gate 3 is supposed to be a pure work from before all that political bullsh°° began.

I feel very antanogized, demonized and stigmatized by the current climate, for being a "white" person.
What is anyone gonna da about this huh?
Oh yeah that is not important huh? Cause I am white!
And I just have to shut up and take it or I the hail of battle terms will rip me to pieces, right?

Some time in the last years I heard a wierd term being uttered by the "progressives" of our time. It was called "cultural appropriation".
But of course it was just another way to somehow protrait white people as mean, racist and all kinds of things.

Elves being "Caucasian" in their appearance, is actual culturally appropriate.
Since this is how they always where. At least the fullblooded Elves.
As I said Half-Elves - who knows?

But I really grow sick and tired of seeing "my culture" and "my beloved fantasy" being invaded because some other white people are pressured and bullied into doing all this wierd, submissive and kinda "enslaved" things, or otherwise they are called all kinds of evil things.
And maybe they get cancelled even since they dared not to "take a knee" to this disgusting hate filled bias against them "even though they are white".
It is wierd how everyone likes "white cultures" and "white fantasy", but the whites in it are soooooo racist and evil.
No they are not.

There are no Tieflings in our real world.
But currently as a white person, I feel like the Tiefling with the shamed and loathed heritage of our real world.
It felt pretty good to help them out in the Grove.