I definitly do not think she is the next companion option for us, she is so simple and in good lawful playtrought game doesn't even give you a chose to talk her, ı mean ı ve killed her easily with Lae'zel. And Did not think about talk her even one time. She was just a one of three bosses ı should slay for helping tieflings. Doesn't seems to me so important. At least in lawful playtrought. She has died for me forever and there is enough negative energy in my companions thanks to all expect Wyll and Gale. I think the next one should be much more fugitive or rebel kind. Look at the Lae Zel and Shadowheart, Shadowheart is so RELİGİOUS FANATIC and ILLITERATE, Lae Zel the another version of the same shit. They re both secterian. Only origin ı personally interest is the one of Astarion. He seems like the piggy in the middle. And observing his emotion waving is so satisfying. I personally think we need someone like Astarion.