Gotta say I'm not a fan of playing as an origin character as my PC. For me it takes the focus away from me being me in an open RPG mindset. Like I like the idea of having companions with me, and I help shape their lives and stories with my actions and choices. But when I have to roleplay as them, its gets weird with how I enjoy the game.

I feel that the big difference when it comes into the adventure/rpg game world. When you play as a character such as Lara Croft or Geralt. You specially role play as them in "their" adventure. But when you have a abstract rpg with companions and morality. Having to role play as "someone" is like capping half of the player's full potential.

There are good things to role playing an origins. But I overall think its better to just have them as a story building companion, and then as a treat, we could role play them in specific instances. So that they just aren't a living book that adventures with us, but how we role them, they shape themselves and us too.