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The current goblin evil path is just a boring murder spree and doesn't make sense.

It does.
Curently at least one introspective conversation was added, where you character is thinking about his next move ... and one of options clearly says: "They will kill the tieflings, but i shall gain her thrust."

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You end up helping some sort of cult with characters who have tadpoles in their head. Why would you do that? Your goal is to understand whats going on, get rid of the tadpole OR learn to control it.

And that cult do have tadpoles, and clearly since they were not on the same ship as you were, they have it in their head longer than you ... so logicaly they either do know something about it, or you should have at least more time than they have ...
And once again logicaly ... who knows more about it ... some random druid that was watching it for few days, or someone who is living with that thing in his head for some time allready?

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I keep having to repeat this, the Quest log should push you to make a choice and say "Learn about the tadpole" and not "Remove the parasite" after you learned about its upsides.

Not everything need to be specificly said out loud. :-/

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There are 2 npcs you can talk to, the Hag and the Mindflayer who will tell you that something is off with your Tadpole and you are not turning into a mindflayer (yet).

And Lae'zel, Gale, Wyll, Halsin, Nettie.

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Consider this. Maybe once you learn this, maybe then it makes sense for the PC to not remove the tadpole. But before you obtain this information, any character whether or not ts evil or good would want to find out more about the Tadpole.

Every character, maybe unless he have intelligence 1, wich is not possible as far as i know ... should notice that he is not turning, nor feeling any physical discomfort.
Not everything need to be said out loud once again, and your character can simply "presume" that he wil find a way to outsmart this thing ... especialy once he find out that keeping that thing carries some benefits.

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And not waste time going on a murder spree that doesn't help.

It does, just not directly.

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The Druid is your best bet at learning about the Tadpole and he is trapped by the goblins, so why would you help the goblins? This is just a stupid move and evil does not mean stupid.

He is not your best bet ... you have limited point of view. Only one of options, nothing more.
Only one who is sugesting to try him is Nettie, and even she is not sure if he will even be able to help you.

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The evil path needs a lot of work. It needs some npcs added that you can talk to. Npcs carry the plot, like Halsin. Mintharra may end up dying, she doesn't carry the plot. Especially because she tries to kill you.

Halsin can die aswell ... he even can die even if you decide to kill goblin leaders.
Plot does not need NPC to follow you.

I liked original spellcasting system more ... frown

Anyway ... i cast Eldritch Blast!