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I dunno about Necromancers & their origin story in D&D that much.
Only those of Warcraft & Diablo. (lol)

But I must say I find it really wierd that Clerics have this "Necrotic hands"(?) spell.
3d10necrotic makes all the healing-touch spells also look like dogsh°° in comparisation.
So Clerics are not Healers but dmg dealers too in the end. :-|
Feels very out of place currently.

Clerics on D&D aren't healers like in a mmo.

They are representatives of a deity in the material plane. D&D is not the generic mmo about gear farming and cooldown managing. The spell system for eg, is based on literature(Jack Vance). And necromancers are a wizard specialization, you have evokers, abjurers, conjurers, illusionists(...) 5e already has the weakest necromancy on D&D franchise, with a single summon limit, there are no reason to even have it on the game.

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What about wait until we can actualy try necromancer, before we start complain to his uselessness? laugh

Because even without a ridiculous single summon limit, 5e necromancers are already the weakest wizard specialization. If Larian wanna a single summon limit, honestly, just REMOVE THE SUBCLASS. Is less awful than having a class that only serves to cause frustration on the fans of thta subclass.