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By the way, they have to adjust the amount of experience gained (or requirements per level). At the moment, it is definitely too much. When we finish act 1 (in full game), we will have about 6-7 lvl which is too high (there will be 3 acts in the game).

There's definitely enough XP to reach level 5 in the current version of act 1, but I don't think we'll be able to reach level 6 or 7.
Level 4 is 2700 XP
Level 5 is 6500 XP
Level 6 is 14000 XP

with a exp cap remover, I am about 50% done with the "act 1" and am already lvl 7 If I keep doing it the way O do it , accept quest, do quest, then kill the quest giver. I will reach lvl 9 by totally clearing the map of every living thing

patch 3 introduced exp gain on conversation. so you get that exp and then you kill them to get even more.

I was lvl 4 I had not leave the druid groove yet.

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