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The point is.... we wrote MORE than anyone wrote about DOS:2 since it was released as an EA. There's no fucking way they were ready for this. I think their feedback management might get a bit better over time especially they already have 80 + pages from discord, reddit and this forum.

The bigger question is what they are going to read. If you were Larian, which areas would you focus on:

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Well I would totally focus on the compendium and that's why they have them to begin with.

We do have the " Mega Threads" section and only a couple of major subjects there so I think they are reviewing those too. After all they are filtered by moderators beforehand and normally free of " autism screech". RTwP vs TB being the exception compared to others. The compendium is waaaay cleaner with bulletpoints etc.

One thing to note is we have roughly 50k comments out of 1million + sold copies. Which means less than 5% of the community left a comment(Less than 5% aka probably around 10k people MAX).

We are literally ignorable by my standards.

Keep in mind that they also have the numbers on how much time players spent playing the game. They want to come out of EA with people praising them, so word of mouth is key in this situation. It makes no sense to ignore the "5%" of people who are playing the game for dozens of hours and putting their time into providing feedback. If all they were worried about was the initial sales, and didn't give a darn about their reputation, then sure, your standards may be applicable. But nowadays EA is part free QA and part Marketing. Blowing that opportunity is a bad call from a business perspective.

I have to agree, going back at my comment and seeing it now I think I had the wrong approach.

Alt+ left click in the inventory on an item while the camp stash is opened transfers the item there. Make it a reality.