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- push rework, push is an attack and should require a standard action and an unarmed attack roll... unarmed attacks used to draw an AOO if not proficient at them... currently wholly out of step with anything d&d imo...

universal bonus action push should get a rework, as it currently negatively impacts a couple of feats, but I will point out that base 5e no longer 'charges' an AoO for non-proficient unarmed attacks, you're just much less effective without unarmed proficiency (flat 1 damage, iirc, plus possible STR mod depending on DM interpretation).

Overall, the nitpicker's 5e RAW Shove is a contested roll, your Athletics v. choice of Athletics or Acrobatics, so changing it to a special attack roll is something I support for QoL implementation in a video game. It'd be nice if it picked either unarmed or Shield depending on if you're using one, plus proficiency from unarmed/shield if you have it, but that level of complexity may be more trouble than it's worth to implement.

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