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SH smiles more often than not. Gone is the resting scowl. It's much, much easier to get from "you'll do" to "pleasant surprise" dialogue.

She no longer breaks off the relationship after the kiss, instead she thinks the relationship shows promise. Which for me ruins part of the "I fear what might be in my memories, these feelings are a threat to my relationship with Shar" aspects of the romance.

Totally screw that change it fucks up her character so much. It's not even a character anymore. This is a populist change that goes against the integrity of the character to appeal the crowd.

Now I'm not saying Larian shouldn't do what the fans want, but they also shouldn't comprises on things like character consistency.

This. As a player, it's so much more rewarding when your character finally manages to win a companion's trust after having struggled for a while. Especially with Shadowheart; I mean, she's a Shar worshiper who got most of her memories removed, it's only fair that she'd want to avoid getting too attached to the player's character, or that she'd want to keep some distance. Her being a "jerk" (I don't think she's one, but well) is just a defence mechanism, and she's actually pretty nice as long as people don't force her to reveal her secrets.

Also, the way she asked the player to "forget about the kiss" made way more sense, especially when you actually listen more carefully to the VA's (who is amazing, just like the others) tone. It didn't really feel like she was breaking things off, but like she felt uncomfortable - you know, like when a person says the opposite of what they think because they're afraid that the other person won't return their feelings. Her whole thing, or the way she works, is to test and challenge the player's character to see what makes them tick (she actually admits that if I recall correctly). At least that's how I understood it anyway, and I think that it gave an interesting complexity to her character. She seemed more like she was thorn between what she wants, and what she thinks she should want. Now she's just... a bit more bland, which is a bit of a shame. I wonder how it'll all play out in the final version of the game.

Well said. I'm hoping this just a placeholder. The "relationship shows promise" lines should only come after she either decides to a) break with Shar or b) accept you a convert.