Dueling fighting style not functioning properly & Devils sight/ darkvision spell not working properly

Playing on stadia.
Character is a halfling ranger. 13 strength and 16 dexterity using a shortsword(finese weapon that can use dex or strength for +hit and +damage)

Dueling gives +2 to damage with a single handed weapon as long as your other hand is empty.

+2 Dueling +3 Dexterity =+5 total to damage.

What is actually happening is a total of +3 to damage. So either dueling isn't adding any damage bonus at all, or its using strength instead of my dexterity in this situation. Please address.

Also had another post with an error where devils sight and darkvision are not physically giving a character darkvision glow. Not sure if it is removing negatives to hit due to low light. Hovering over devil sight in character sheet menu shows an error and code language.