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I play D&D and RPG Games for almost 30 years now and I absolutely agree with the first post: a party size of 6 players is almost a must-have for BG3.
And I would like to see it especially in the possibility to play a 6 person co-op game (and you can create 6 characters from scratch for your party).

Keep it up, we just tried BG3 in a 3player coop game this weekend, it's very very promising. Hoping to be able to invite our whole party when the game ships. wink

though one of the hardest parts of getting into bg3 was the 4 vs 6 party size. i would be grateful for it, given some shifts.

currently including npcs we have 6 people. perhaps once the game opens up this is alraedy going to be adressed, i dont know, yet vidoes of someone making a single player party of four, show a fifth while on nautloid as it was an npc. there is room on that bracket space for 6... it may be intended especially since the fifth ( npc ) easily plopped in.

my actual concerns are not shared experience... let the thieves get that lil boost for disarming that trap. let the warrior who kicks the door down get his warrior exp etc. if everyone levels up at the same pace... why give them seperate exp bars. ( i know the answer why they do, im backing up my point to have them not level together 100% ) this will make having 6 members more fruitful, ill want to pick who really is with me, maybe swap em out from time to time. thats how i play. i dont want to add someone back to find out we are all equally as powerful, when homegirl sat at the camp all day untill i needed that paladin.