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Deities in D&D are not all benevolent and nice, this isn't christianity, so it's not abnormal for a Cleric of an evil deity to be a punisher and not a healer.

I didnt knew Selune was such a b°tch in disguise though.
Or Mystra. Or Eilistrae.
I bet their Clerics can use Necrotic Hands too.

Why not give them
° Torture the Heretics
° "F*ck you Mortals" grin

as spells of the 5th Tier or something?! >snort

Yep, even good gods allow you to inflict wounds (that's the real name of that spell) to your ennemies.

Necromancy is not viewed as evil per default. For example raise dead and resurection are both necromancy spells.

I guess this is your "Torture the Heretics" spell : https://www.aidedd.org/dnd/sorts.php?vo=harm

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