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I think it's not up to you to decide what's unhealthy and what's not. This is just a function, and yes, someone play game just for sake of this function, just as some play only for sake of beautiful graphics etc.

For me, the possibility of romance in game is one of the most important, and I do not consider it something "unhealthy". I just love this function. Of course, I don't play game just for it, otherwise I would never have played Tyranny, lol. But this is on top of "importance" for me, it's like in top3. I'm much more attached to games if there are romance. And I think it's not just about me, there are many such people. BG3 was never marketed as a "dating simulator", but romance are most talked about topic among people... The expected interest.

I don't understand why people like you should deprive me of fun just because you think it's least important or "unhealthy" for judge a game.

Hey now, don't get touchy, if you can say that you don't like a romance, I can say that I think it's unhealthy to base the goodness of a game on whether or not it has romances.
Also they are not even finished yet so just keep calm and see where it goes. As I said I'm not against romances, but the way some people act as if they should be central to BG3 is ridicolous especially given how they are completely optional. Again, nothing wrong with options, but let's not act like everything depends on this.
Also me and "people like me " (lol) are not depriving you of anything, you are clearly getting your romance, and if anything you are trying to bully me into silence because I have an opinion about romance-plots in general that you don't like.