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To be honest, I now see situation with romance in cyberpunk, and it is terrible. There are 4 romantic characters in total. There is not a single bisexual among them, so if you are not bisexual yourself, then you have only 1 option + prostitutes...

This is what I'm talking about, orientation reduces your options too much, in a game like cyberpunk, you don't even have a choice... You are either with the one you are given, or alone, or forced to change gender of your character. But what if I don't want to play a male character at all? What if I don't like the one character that the developers thought I should have liked?

That's why "all bisexuals" is a great, optimal option that gives everyone a choice. It's better to have some kind of romance with a character that you like than no romance or romance with a character who just fits your gender...

I still think that in BG3 you can make a lock race, but not gender.

Umm no. Stories should not be pansexual friendly. Stories should be stories and characters should be characters. Having all characters be mind wide open to any and every attraction, it takes away from their character. The PC is the only important character that can be pansexual, because that's you, you are your character.

I said this comment before, but characters need preference, not because they need preference, but because they need character. Lae zel is a hard warrior women, it only makes sense that she finds her attraction to a bad ass warrior as well. But that shouldn't stop a PC to pursue her anyways. Maybe there is a chance if PC can accomplish xyz to win her attraction.

I dont want to make too many comparisons to real life to our game but, even in real life. Some people will just not like you like that, because you are just who you are. You can't fault characters for their preferences. This is a fighting adventure "fantasy" game, not a "fantasy" date sim. The camp scene really made this game go from a fellowship to a harem.

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