Really? To give a concrete example: I played through Dragon Age Inquisition with no romances. Cassandra was one of the better characters for me; I did all her content and always talked to her. I felt I had a solid grasp of her character and that she was relatively deep. But now I find that at no point was I looking at a fully fleshed character: am I to believe that I only really understood her when I watched the 1 minute long scene on YouTube where she says 'the flirting has to stop' to a female PC? That's nonsense. Characters don't 'need' to have a sexuality to be fleshed out, certainly not in this game where it's already not an important part of any of their arcs.

I don't know about being unhealthy or whatever. But I would say that the interest in romances certainly seems disproportionate to the time you spend actually in the scenes in-game; this is in my opinion more like a proxy for the amount of interest in companion interactions in general. I definitely agree that romance comes too hard and fast (perhaps because they felt compelled to put some in EA) and a slower process would be good. But I see no reason to go back from the playersexuality thing.