I feel like I confused what I was saying in my comment. The o ly player that should be pan sexual is the PC because that is the player's freedom to choose whom and all they want to pursue.

To reiterate my point, I believe story characters, (NPC's, companions, etc) should have a sexuality. Because they are a story based character. They need to be who they are. Not someone that can just fit the PC's narrative, unless you play your cards right and you truly appeal to the story character's story.

If Larian can make a masterful RPG story, there should be romantic options for everyone because that's a player's freedom to behave. But not all story characters should just be openly receptive to any and every player character, with certain checks and proper advances.

It would be more compelling to play my PC and pursue a companion I liked, to maybe find out that he does swing my way. But thru our story and adventures, he'll always love me and accept me for our fellowship. I made a life long friend that accepts me for me, and I likewise to him.

Better friendship stories are better than fluid relationships (unless that is a certain story character's story).