Romance? Hmmmm, more like RAW, VULGAR SEX !! grin

Gale - sweegedi swooty he came for Mystras booty!
Wyll - we all know why Wyll truly said 'yes' (LoL)

Lae'zel - her flail and black latex outfit is missing
Astarion - sex, drugs and "succs"

Sassyheart - she did herself more then anything by serving Shar

Everyone and everything is so "f*cked up" grin !!
I mean "f*ck" man! grin

Astarion and Lae'zel do not surprise me though. I never had my character do it with either of them.
They are just such vulgar and primitive people and their unemphatic personalitys don't intrigue me.
In that case, even tho I bash Shadowheart the most, I must say the air of mystery around her makes her interesting.

My high Drow female did it with Minthara of course.
She does not consort with the lesser races if she can get a piece of Lolths divine craft. (hahahahaha)

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