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This brings up a good point, but I'd like to add to it. Romance is overmarketted (sex sells, I guess) but will almost always underdeliver. Part of this is due to the fact it's seemingly impossible to replicate "romance" in a videogame. It is either extremely cringe, pornography, or both.

It only appears this way because the realworld societys of our own world are extremly cringe and superficial I feel.
We live in pretty disgusting societys which value the materialistic about everything else.
Because Media made people this way, intentionally or unintentionally.

It is highly unlikely if you can even find a person that is not superficial.
Of course you cannot if you don't try, but its still only luck if you do.

Feels like I beat around the bush a little.

The world of Fae'run is not our's!
Their societys there are not our's!
What do we know about what is romance to THEM?

We cannot judge it.
We can interprete and try to relate at best.
I managed to give Sassyheart alot of emotional leeway in the last weeks.
She truly is more interesting if I do not compare her to a "stronk independent Wamen" of our own world after all. grin
At the beginning she and Lae'zel appeared like "Feminism" icon's to me.
But Lae'zel is just a "shipwrecked SciFi-cavewoman that got lost" (lol) and Sassyheart is paranoid due to her self-inflicted Amnesia.

And Astarion being a "manwhore" is no surprise, he's a Vamp-badboy after all.
Thanks the gods he did not started to sparkle in the sunlight.
But a male Vampire is like half a male poledancer already don't you think? ^_^