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oh come on how can you not laugh at that scene, it's jank af atm with very placeholdery animations and it even fades to an 'under construction' fadeaway lol

that whole segment was hilarious if you ask me, but if you think that one's bad
try going to evil route and romancing the drow
that scene was even more janky

I laughed afterwards - it was pure horror show during. I will look for the other scene when I'm feeling masochistic. Maybe tomorrow, I'm usually masochistic on weekends.

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It only appears this way because the realworld societys of our own world are extremly cringe and superficial I feel.
We live in pretty disgusting societys which value the materialistic about everything else.
Because Media made people this way, intentionally or unintentionally.

I think that's part of it. On the other hand, "what romance is" for many people can't be offered by a game - from physical intimacy to ego security - so it will be reductive whichever society has a go at making it. You will always come up against the fact this is a virtual world created for you, and the more its made, the less satisfying it can be, as it reveals itself as empty. Better to leave some things to the imagination.

Was about to go on a massive tangent about the erotic significance of shadows/ the unseen but thankfully lunch arrived.