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To be honest, I now see situation with romance in cyberpunk, and it is terrible. There are 4 romantic characters in total. There is not a single bisexual among them, so if you are not bisexual yourself, then you have only 1 option + prostitutes...

Looking at BG3, it seems to be pretty much the industry standard now. We got
1) Lae'zel where wiki says "Githyanki reproduced by laying eggs. It was unknown whether this trait had been acquired during their period of enslavement or as a result of exposure to the Astral Plane". That's an interesting romance candidate, lol. How do you like it? Sunny side up!
2) Shadowheart who is OK I guess if you are into goth chicks
3) .... ?

But that f-ng vampire is trying to screw you at every opportunity. Not cool.

Well, for me, Astarion is the perfect option! :3 Although I guess he's lying. I'm only attracted to evil characters, so Astarion and Lae are the most interesting to me in every sense.
I don't understand why anyone here uses the word "pansexual", I would say that the characters are "bisexual" lol.


But a male Vampire is like half a male poledancer already don't you think? ^_^

No thx. I don't think so.

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