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But you can already just select one character out of the party and position him here and there as you wish. .

That's precisely the problem. You can ONLY select ONE character at any given time.
You can't give group commands to a subselection of your party, which is what an "RTS-like" system would allow.

And YES, you can painstalkingly give detailed commands to each one of your men separately... With an awkward, convoluted and slow-as-hell UI that makes the process severely more time consuming than it could be.

Seriously, are you trolling me? Wasting my time on purpose? Deliberately pretending to not understand what the entire thread is about?

Calm down bro, I'm not trolling you. You really are so impatient and bothered about moving your 4 units into key positions on the field. Each character is not a (trooper name lvl x) that you move en mass. Plenty of times i tired to position my mage in a spot with my ranger on a high ground, just to find out his low strength score couldn't make the damn jump. It made for a great role play because now I had to re adjust my plan and keep him on the floor level with my fighter.

I have to admit that I've not played the other rpgs you mentioned, my list of turn based games like this are DOS2 and Xcom. With DOS2 being Larian's, its methods to me, weren't broken. But as I've been pointing out, just need refinement.

You literally just sound impatient, my dude.

UI should be something you don't notice. If you notice it, there is a problem. There are a lot of elements to the UI in BG 3 which are like this, my biggest desire right now for this game is to have its UI overhauled, from the control scheme, to the hotbar, to the sorting options for the inventory.