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I just want my Elves to look like Elves.

Not a Critique of LOTR, but those ... those aren't really Elves in my books. Sure, best examples around and are the 'parents' of the DnD type. But I'd like my pointier, slender, alien Elves please.

Also, what's with Lolth and non-Lolth Elves having different face presets? Fix that!

The point is that fantasy since Jules Verne was always about discussing different cultures, species, other worlds. Their advantages and drawbacks, their pitfalls and conflicts. The worst thing that can happen to such fantasy stories, movies or books is people who simply do not want to depict any differences, because then people have no reason playing the game.

Take Drow and Elves - they are so interesting because they have a completely different culture. Elves are long lived and have an entirely different society and view on life than humans. Drow are evil and cruel and have an entire society focused on war and strife.

And now imagine someone comes along who doesn't like the depiction of such different cultures or species. Who want his Elves to be humans with pointed ears. Who can't stand Drow being depicted as evil because they have a dark skin color. And who changes Drow into being largely good and Elves into being just humans with pointed ears.

In the end, they are all just boring and the same. Exactly because there is no difference between them. Ideology is one of the worst enemies of a good game.