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I believe that elves should look more otherworldly, as several people here have argued as well. It would also provide the option OP wants in the form of Wild Elves and Wood Elves. However, if Larian really does want to make elves nothing but "humans but with cool pointy ears" then there really is no reason not to add diverse facial types. Though, as unrealistic as it is, I would prefer BG3 Elves to be remade to look more alien so to speak.

You mean like in Divinity for example, where you could see the branches and "plant spirit" like theme literally imprinted in their bodys?
I found that pretty wierd tbh but I must admit that was also kinda cool and new.

But the truly 'original Elf' had a look leaning onto the "European/Caucasian type Human".
Everything else is tryhard borderline political correctness and its cringe.
And in the case of original fantasy I find it highly offensive and disrespectful to the original theme.

I had a similar discussion on another website once.
But it was about Angels in general.
Not Celestials like in D&D, just Angels.

" Why are they White? Can there be Black/Brown Angels? "

My conclusion, sure why not. Ultimately Angels too aren't Human but their origin is absolutely primordeal from a spiritual existence.
I thought Angels take the forms they want to communicate with Mortals, in fact - they have no physical flesh appearance in the first place.
Maybe they identify with the forms they take. Maybe they don't. Who knows?

A narcistic Angel like "Lucifer" which embodies Pride might identify with his/her/it's form extremly, if you get my thought.

I always thought the Angels in Christianitys depiction are very much symbolic in nature.
They look simply white because the artists of that time had no imagination I think.
Or because they did not even knew what an Asian or African is. (LoL)

I think the Angels of Diablo are the coolest.
You really get this otherworldy, sacred vibe from them.
Allthough the Angels of that Universe can be pretty shitty personalitywise.