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You really are so impatient and bothered about moving your 4 units into key positions on the field.

It's not just him alone. While we can't make up here numbers, I'm sure everyone will grow "impatient" sooner or later, IF they play this game a long time.

I had no problems at all first few hours, and found the elasticity simulation shown when splitting one character apart from the rest of the party really funny. I even took the time and played the joining and splitting minigame a few times, and was like a new toy. Could be a standalone game in itself maybe, I don't know. So no hating there.

But then after I had enough of the new toy, and started playing the real game - the Baldur's Gate 3 thing, the UI started to become the #1 enemy quickly. It was about fighting the interface, because have to try multiple times until allows me to split anyone from the party. Then to sort them in the proper order (my character 1st, and 2-3-4 sorted from tankier to squishier), and it's the same thing: elasticity, rubber UI chain mechanics, which every time needs multiple tries until finally allows me to succeed.

Quickly became clear that in this game, I will have to do this "minigame" very frequently. Since I take 1 and go ahead to scout, then move each character 1 by 1 into their best position, before starting any fight. Then I go through a door or have to teleport, or return to camp or many other cases when have to group them again. Then repeat.

The longer I played the game, the more annoying the UI became: because can't do it quick, the enemy moves and there's no pause to waste timer with UI minigames. I played almost 100 hours, or a bit over idk now, and already had enough: this UI system will drive me clinically insane. Luckily I can quit, not addicted or anything.

It's certainly not an efficient system.
It's actually the worse party UI I ever saw in any game. Fun in itself as a minigame, but a pain as a party management tool.

But I don't think we should worry about BG3 more than Larian does. If the UI is fine for them, I don't mind it. Can't help more.