By no means am I saying the current party management system is good. Its a bully to handle as is and yes I agree needs some serious refinement, one of the things being the rubber band effect your companions do when they follow you around. But going off what they had in DOS2 which I felt was good. Was when you entered a immediate battle, you could pre define your fighting formation and your companions would go to their spots. I hope they make that return here.

When engaged in conversation thats going to lead to a battle, you're other companions have complete free reign to move about and position themselves in prep. Makes since as if you were planning to battle a group that wanted to prattle along with conversation. You other teams mates could still move about and ready for a fight.

The linking and grouping mechanic is a absolute pain to mess with currently. The portrait panel positioning is so finicky and yes I agree is not their best item. I doubt its what its gonna be in the end product, as DOS2 had their pretty ok. They just need to expand on it ie. The all break/chain idea i said before.

When you go to break your companions apart in groups. Are you pulling the panel portrait of your character up from the group? I never have to many problems breaking the groups, its sticking then back together that sometimes gets annoying.

I don't follow you on the whole sort them out in proper order from tanks to squishy comment you said. Could you explain that, as your companions get positioned in a fight by you, so idk what you mean by that for order sorting.

Are we advocating to not even want BG3 to not be a turn based game anymore? My comparisons to BG3's UI mostly stem from DOS2. I'm thinking if maybe we're all just not seeing what we want on the same page.