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How can you say that this doesn't have to be political all the while you try to force modern day politics of inclusivity and representation into a fantasy game? You do realize that only one side of the argument has to consider this political for it to be politcal, right? Also, the aforementioned Wild Elves are an option that could satidfy this demand. That being said I fully disagree with you, even if elves look human, they are NOT human.

Why you mad bro?
Will this inclusivity harm you? Why you mad?

He isn't mad. That was a perfectly logical and accurate observation without emotional investment. (─‿‿─)

Elves are not Humans, but they are similar.
To give them a total freak appearance - even one that would not be "diverse", would still be disrespectful to the original.

I find it already disgusting that we can make a character ingame with colorations that make absolutely no sense.
The only way this feels tolerable for me is because I know nothing can force me to ever play with someone who made an Abomination colorwise.
Never ever felt I the need to look at a Rainbow on LSD.

But I keep saying it "politely".
Some things got invented by Caucasian/European people.
Those things were made popular and original by Caucasian/European people.

That is not racist, that is not mean, that is just what it is.
It was never meant to hurt, harm or offend anyone.
But to debate its right to remain original, is very offensive in itself.

All this Clownworld Meme's and cynical expressions of how nonsensical our society has become, how can it ever end with demands like this?

° A representation of Japan, with Samurai and all, but they look like a Northamerican Native demographic.
° Africans are in fact so white now, it is snow-white. Oh yeah and their facial structure is whatever now. Everything EXCEPT African of course.
° Europeans have become the Borg, or Vulcans, or Klingons... cause this is wierdly pleasing for some virtue signaling individual.
° And Chinese people are now those blue Catpeople from the Pandora Movie.

When is enough crazyness enough? ζ༼Ɵ͆ل͜Ɵ͆༽ᶘ

Let me say it, whoever reads this, if you are a super minority looking Migrant in some white country, I am truly sorry for your lack of identification with a culture not created by your own ancestors but those of others.
I am sorry that you feel like you are not represented in it or that you feel invisible.
But that is just what it is.

Blame the game. Not the players.
And do not try to change the game until it resembles absolutely nothing anymore - and no majority anywhere in the world will ever truly agree to it.
Your birth heritage in this world is on another difficulty.
Dunno if you wanna feel proud about it or sad. But rest easy. There are A TON OF PEOPLE currently that cannot stop to virtue-signal towards yourself.

So wether you have Hard or Easy mode on, who knows?
But all this noise is slowly but surely starting to wake something very ugly and bigoted.
Cause majority people too have feelings.
And they too can feel "stigmatized" and treated unfairly.

Do we play the game as it was intended?
Or do we cry and whine about it all day until absolutely no one has any motivation left to play it anymore?
And I am feeling like a lower-class human already by being of the "native demographic" on the northern hemisphere.

I have to endure the cocky, narcistic preaching of hollow people probably until the day I die, just so that they themself can feel better about themself because of their virtue signaling.
And the cocky demands and hostility shown to me "in case I dare to disobey", lets say I already know how it must feel like to be truly seen as lesser for my outer appearance.
If people of other visual appearance would be treated like that, especially those of minoritys, holy hell would this be seen as racism quickly!

There is even a slur like n-word for my demographic as well, as soon as I dare to resist the call for obedience!
It has something to do with a group of people that grew very popular in Europe during the 1930's.