Oh I understand now what you mean by party ordering. Yes thats very important for them to address, assigning order 1 thru 4 to actual characters would make having the hotkeys much more reliable. Having them constantly shift in their order is pretty frustrating, the inconsistency is definitely a flaw. I personally changed the hotkey to cycle thru players to be "tab", makes the game much more smoother to cycle thru characters on the fly. But having the order sorting stay solid is again definitely important for them to add.

For the instance of being outside of combat, im still not following you on how its hard to set up your guy's before a fight? When ambushed, you're ambushed, so the fight begins wither you like it or not. I accept that as a game mechanic. But when I'm setting up the ambush, I think its incredibly easy to find positions that is best for my team. Move them accordingly, watch out for vision cones, take the high ground where possible, and stay in the shadows or out of sight as I move everyone else. The only part that would make it better is the mentioned addition above.

I've never played bg2 and I had to refresh myself on how DA:I looked like in combat. After watching some YouTube videos on both to remember how they play, they aren't even the same category of turn based as BG3 or any of Larian type games. The only other game that I can truly compare to Larian games as far as combat goes and to my gaming experiences, is Xcom. Everyone has a turn and its about strategizing positions, turns, and attacks to come out on top.

Is the point on combat you are trying to make, is to have bg3 characters have the "constant basic attack" and then with freeze play skill uses like bg2 and DA:I?