During my first playthrough I didn’t take Wyll or Gale anywhere with me. So it was odd when they flirted with me at the party, because up until then I’d never travelled with them and they would have only seen me at camp. The only reason I got such high approval with them was because of how much time I spent petting the good boy Scratch. On the other hand, I did like that characters flirted with me first, it made it seem more like those characters had their own agency and it increased immersion for me. After playing games where I really had to grind approval and initiate all the flirt dialogues myself it was refreshing to be on the other end of a random flirtation.

Even if the other characters initiate romance themselves rather than the player character, it feels like there should be a certain level of approval necessary. Lae’zel seems like she’s just out for a single goal and any person will do, the forward manner she spoke to my ranger had me in stitches.

I actually want more flirtatious dialogue options and interactions interspersed throughout the game, what we have at the party is nice, but it also comes off as abrupt.