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every time I read a thread like this I remember that video games were a mistake

As always, hitting the nail on the head.

this is true, this thread has been a wild ride of incel vibes and alt right getting pissed off at 'LGBTQ things getting pushed into my video games'

all they've done is not added exclusion flags for certain race/sex combinations and some of these folks have been losing their marbles over it.

the realm of D&D and fae'rûn have been legendarily horny whenever a PC during any campaign wants to start a romance arc with an NPC and the amount of succubi/incubi type monsters in the manual like nymphs etc so all of this has been incredibly on brand so far as far as I'm concerned

But I'm LGBT and I don't want unrestricted romances either. Also I'm sorry, but I have to ask: Isn't it the most incel thing in the world to make demands about how all companions should have the hots for you no matter what? I would think that incels don't get any action IRL, taht's why they want everything to be omnisexual ingame. Correct me if I'm wrong, but sexual entitlement like that sounds very much like what an incel would have.

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