I much rather have the game not be a fantasy harem simulator. It shouldn't be every companions natural inclination to want to get in the players pants. Someone said this earlier, but all the want for "romantic entitlement" is really weird to fight for. Its literally "yes, everyone should love me." I don't see wanting the game to friend zone you with characters that only want to be your friend as alt right. It just seems like a natural character's mentality for a specific character's lore.

Dragon Age Origins did this and I think it was great. Alistair was hetero and it fit his narrative, he was a match for Anora and for Morrigan to save the world. Same thing for Morrigan, if you were a male, you could fit in here hetero narrative to reach the ending with her storyline ending. While their was the bi characters of Leliana and Zevran. It fit there narrative and lore to be bi if the player choose to pursue them. Not everyone was just bi to just be bi.