This thread seems to be reaching its end of life and I am probably going to regret getting involved in it again but...

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No. i don't want restrictions. Restrain yourself

Its not about wanting restrictions, its about wanting more realistic relationship dynamics simulated within the game. Part of realistic relationship, is having someone reject you. So yes, I do want a companion saying, "sorry, I am not interested in you for reasons x, y and z," because that is something in line with what a real person would do. In the real world, people will reject you flat out based on your appearance or gender, so I see no reason why these are not valid reasons within a game. Appearance is probably too complicated a parameter, but there are actually 3 good "rejection criteria" you can use within a game - race, class and gender. Say a character is very anti magic and suspicious of spellcasters, they could rationally reject someone based off of class. A gay male character would reject women off of gender and a racially prejudiced character could reject based off of race. These are all valid tools which can be used to make more believable characters.

The fantasy world does not owe it to us to provide us with a romance, I am perfectly fine with going through the entire game and being rejected by everyone due to those criteria, it just means that on another playthrough, I could have a different experience.

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