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Before playing and knowing that the companions have an approval rating (whatever you call it) I suspected that would have an effect on romance and I wish it did!

I must have done almost everything that would get shadowheart to hate me by just approving astarion and Lazeal, and yet she still invites me for a lovely evening?????

I like the idea of companions having no restrictions regarding race or gender because at the end of the day it's a fantasy game, if you dont want to romance a certain companion because you dont see them liking x race or x gender then that's up to you on how you play your game! But dont ruin it for other players who have a completely different view from you! Its DnD we all play differently my good G!

The only restrictions I do want is the approval and disapproval system set in place on romance because it just makes sense!

I think it's a bug.

I don't have romance with Gale even at a high level of approval, as if that's not enough, he always says "we're just friends". Shadow is always on a neutral level and she always tells me to go away and look for fun somewhere else.

Only Astarion and Lae on a neutral level are really willing to offer themselves to you, because they don't care about this night.

Idk about Wyll

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