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I don't know exactly how the approval and the romance work together... There are some decisions that affect the possibility of triggering romance (for example, siding with the goblins block any chance of romancing shadowheart) but I'm not sure how approval factors in

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I think it's a bug.

I don't have romance with Gale even at a high level of approval, as if that's not enough, he always says "we're just friends". Shadow is always on a neutral level and she always tells me to go away and look for fun somewhere else.

Only Astarion and Lae on a neutral level are really willing to offer themselves to you, because they don't care about this night.

Idk about Wyll

Ahhh I see laugh I must have had a buggy game, I know wylls romance was bugged and I never even tried to do anything with gale! But I know you have to have a specific cutscene to occur for his romance to trigger!