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6 would make the game a cakewalk. its already easy solo.

The idea would be to rebalance the encounters so that difficulty level was unchanged which would be relatively easy given that only one chapter has even been semi-finalised. Hence why people are advocating for an increase in party size now - the further into game development the greater the amount of work to rebalance the game would require. If they don't want a bigger party for whatever reason I'd rather they say so up front and give us their reasoning rather than just let the debate drag on until the point where making the required changes would simply be too time consuming.

As for letting the mod community solve the problem - that's basically just dodging the issue. I can't see someone modding the game to allow a larger party and then go through every single encounter in the game to balance it out, and do a good job of it, aside from the additional time that would take after the game launched.