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I must say freeing Lae'zel was super easy and I like her. A bit hard since I am so called good alignment but neither in real life I am some leftist in political views.

I understand Lae'zel...
She is worried about you know the main story problem.
She looks down on the weak and for her action and skills in combat (melee, ranged or spells whatever) matters.
She does not have high charisma and in behavior is thus not very charming one.
She does not have leftist view everyone should be equal.
Many Gityanki worship Tiamant or some other evil deity.
Gityanki society is little bit like past Vikings the weak should be raided and pillaged.
Her alignment is Evil, but despite that I want her as ally.

Oh and any debate Shadowheart vs Lae'zel in looks I will not go into I think both women are beautiful enough. Lae'zel is a bit more exotic while Shadowheart is looking traditionally beautiful.

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