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People are far more likely to save scum in EA because they specifically want to see a variety of things, especially if they are "playtesting" scenarios. I think seeing how many people save scum here is not indicative of how people would act in a normal game.

I'm not so sure you can make that assertion on behalf of other players. Speaking purely for myself here but I will definitely be guilty of save scumming in the final game, mainly because I find the dice rolling mechanic utterly frustrating and there doesn't seem to be any interesting alternatives with failing them?

Two clear examples come to mind:

1. There's no way I will tolerate Kagha killing the child (regardless of some of the rumours about the Tiefling refugees). Cue endless reloads to save the child.

2. I don't want to have to fight Nettie either and prefer the option of talking her out of it. More endless reloads.

I think I have seen it suggested in the forums that a simple ability score check would be a viable alternative but I don't see that happening.