Laezel has the most beautiful warrior armor in the game at the moment, and with good stats.

Many players who play as a warrior take armor from Laezel and equip it on the main character. This raises a lot of questions ... too many questions.
The player can take away her armor even on Natuloid, then it looks even weirder.

I think it would be appropriate to make Laezel's armor impossible to transfer to another character, only to sell NPCs. Just like in Dragon Age Origin, Morrigan's armor cannot be given to someone else. Or, for the game to at least somehow react to such an action. For example, when trying to remove Laezel's armor on Natuloid, the player received a comment from her similar to Shadow Heart's comment when we try to take her casket. And so that it triggers a dialogue scene after natuloid when the player tries to remove her armor again. This will make the immersion more realistic.

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