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We demand more sexy wasting of coder's time!

If you don't want to steal Laezel's armor... maybe just don't? Suuuuper easy to implement and the devs can work on other issues instead!

Possessing this armor is not a matter of "want or not," it is a matter of honor. Any warrior character wants to take it for himself, since it is much better than the starting warrior armor, but Laezel must defend his honor as a Gityanki warrior.

In Dragon Age, the Qunari are closely associated with their sword. The Qunari soldier should never be separated from his sword, it is a shame for him, and he will be executed upon returning to his homeland without a sword, or he will be forced to commit suicide.

This does not concern the armor of the Git, but it is very stupid when she simply allows her to be taken away from her and does not give her anything better in return.