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Eh, what can I say? Great minds think alike. Or maybe it's just destiny!

Absolutely awesome. Your screenshots are pure joy. BTW do you know that we even have a similar alignment?
Yours is chaotic neutral, while mine is true neutral. Corvyyn - high five.

That's brilliant. But wait, did you just guessed it, or...? In any case, neutrality FTW; why siding with anything when there's a whole world of possibilities around us?

high five indeed!

Nah, I just used my tadpole. My roll check was successful.
alignment is in our profiles, I just checked hehe laugh

Of course you did, I forgot we had those. Great investigation check then! (love your screenshot btw, so romantic. I'm sure that's what love at first sight looks like)

And to apologise for the spam, here's a screenshot of Miv and the Swamp Gang's next album cover. Hopefully, it'll be a.... critical hit:
[Linked Image]