it was very obvious that WOTC uses this as an advertisement of dnd and as such they wouldnt let them use any edition they arent actually selling.
its not rocket science.

Also note, TAKE NOTE; how it is always 3.5 fans.
Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 werent 3.5, i know a lot of you somehow dont know htis because you assume 3.5 "is" dnd, but it isnt. Its a terribly bloated edition full of class tier lists, riddled with trap options, nonsensical systems that dont work well with each other and tons upon tons of template bloat.
In other words its much like 5e, but a lot more bloated.

its not complex, its stupid. Complex is a word TTRPG players use when they want to make "Bloated" and "Unwiedly" sound like positive qualities. This isnt actual complexity, it is the """complexity""" of GURPS and FATAL.

Note that its 3.5 players that feel like DnD belongs to them.

and to adress your points, because 3.5 fans always act like this (and by this i mean 15 year old Atheists on the internet who constantly need to declare how high their IQ supposedly is), no, it is not about dicerolling and doing calculations. the calculations in 3.5 are not more complex than in 5e.
They are the same. They have the same. You might just get a few more boni here and there but in the end it is a number and you roll against that number, its not rocket science.
No it is unaccessible because it is full of BAD options, TERRIBLY explained rulings and confusing """choices""" that are not choices at all.
The system was deliberatley designed to be somehting you get "better" at, read: you can fail at Character optimization.
Thats a terrible choice for a video game where the DM isnt there to adjust the game to that.
This system would work for a Rogue Like, not for a 100 hour CRPG that you invest time in.
Its terrible for a lenghty game where a newcomer would realize he screwed himself 50 hours into the game. Now i dont have this issue. But holy shit have you actually read the steam reveiws on Pathfinder kingmaker?
Of course you need to know to pick blindfight halfway throughout the game on EVERY CHARACTER because otherwise the lategame is going to fist you.
Get real.

And to conclude: the best edition for a video game is either White Box DnD,but then you better programm a Dorf fortress style simulation around it or use something like AI dungoen as a quasi DM, or 4e because that ones actually balanced around Team play and dungeon crawling.

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