I agree about the camera being terrible. I would like the camera being more freely (up and down for example) and it would be nice not to have to use the mouse and a button. Let us run with WSAD and use the camera with the mouse.

I sometimes have the bug, that someone selected stays in camp and has to be moved manually to the point, where the party is. Sometimes the whole party stays in camp.

Loading sometimes takes a long time and I have a good computer.

Enemies often take a long time in a battle to decide, what they want to do. It was especially annoying in the battle against the four masks in Auntie Ethels lair, where one of them needed a full half minute to do something. I know, they had those wisdom check in every turn, but that was still a long time.

Characters sometimes get stuck during a fight and are unable to do abything. And not because they were cursed or otherwise debuffed. My imp companion was just standing there in the fight against the masks and didn't do anything. There was no debuff on him and he was healthy. I had that with Lae too. It seems to happen to melee characters more often.

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