I agree that 3.5 is simply better then 5, but let's face it, it's a video game. Video games need to appeal to the masses so the dumbed down 5th edition with its painfully whitewashed lore is going to have to be the edition that WoTC allows Larian to use.
Since it's a video game I don't really care much, and I actually think that the proficiency system simply works better in video games then the skill system, but that's pretty much where the advantages end.
The big downside of 5E is that it can't handle epic level play, and your characters are already ridicolously OP by lvl 11. But that's actually a strength in video games because being OP is fun. So some of the bad things about 5E actually translate as good things in videogames. Now I personally dislike that we are going to face off with epic world-breaking forces and meddle in the affairs of the gods before lvl 20, but at the same time it's important to realize that this game has a story to tell, and if they story is well written, many of the flaws will be forgiven by the gamers.