>there are no 3.5 games
neverwinter nights? toee? Kingmaker?
No i just know my way around the community and i know the posessive attitudes 3eaboos take.
And it keeps coming up on this forum so dont act like it isnt true.

And yes exactly, its not exactly acting ones age.
In case you havent mentioned, it was a jab at you acting as if 3.5 was some intellectually challenging maths exercise when the *maths* based mechanics work almost identical in 5e.

>removes all those calculations
... ok, prove it.
Because those calculations are largley still there. Yes 5e still has stats, in case you havent bothered to check. Yes attacks still hit AC (no thac0 here), yes theres still saving throws targeted by spells.
the primary difference are advantage and how skills are handled.

All those things you mentioned however, are calculations you do on your char sheet.
In the actual game theres bareley any difference in the math you do.
3.5 allows you sto stack more maths beforehand, but thats not in any way making it more mentalyl challenging, i t makes it bloated.

And thats not a positive thing. WHy would you pick a fighter if you could pick a warblade?
Why would anyone want to be a Purple dragon knight?
3.5 was just a bunch of splatbooks full of trap options. Those are stupid systems.

If youd actually read some other posts you might also know that i dislike 5e. But what youre saying is not making any sense.
3.5 has some things over 5e. Stuff like the charge action, 5 foot step and combat maneuvers (Even tho they are terrible). But the splatbook nonsense? thats where you draw the line?

but lets get back to your old argument.
Your argument is that the problems with 3.5 are irrelevant in a video game.
let me explain to you why youre wrong on this.

theres not a lot of calculations 3.5 does in combat that are more complicate than 5e, and the char sheet is perhaps marginally more difficult to manage.
The "Difficulty" comes from the having 400 different options that seemingly do the same, but some are confusingly worded and might not do what you think they do at all.
No ammount of automated calculating is going to explain to you why touch attacks bypass natural armor but not dex armor class bonus, to just give a real mundane example permeating several DnD editions.
OR how psionics work. Its not going to make the Totemist make sense to people.