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as a dnd noob who knew 2nd ed through BG 1&2 i found the 3rd (3.5) ed of NWN(2?) to be a step too far in terms of wtf does all this shit mean: "here's a list of a billion feats make sure u chose the right ones or else!" - in the end alt-tab to walkthrough became the most powerful feat of all. BG3 EA had me doing almost none of that. just mai 2 scents

I loved the feat system in 3.5 - I felt like it gave a better system for really customizing your PC (although, I always liked it more for the RP aspects, than to try to optimize my PC - I don’t really care if my PC is “the best” as long as I can act out my vision for the character - also, DM’s are supposed to take the party into account when drafting their campaigns - that is not really an option in a video game, though : /)