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If balancing encounters and mechanics for co-op gameplay on consoles truly is their main rationale for maxing at 4, that would indeed be a shame. Like why not just develop the thing for consoles in that case, and be up front about it? Or target the EA at PC players with controllers now, instead of punishing us with a controller style scheme that's forced into a mouse and keyboard experience here?


I'm with Ianthebea on this one, but mainly because 6 just fits my idea of what a Baldur's Gate game should be. Its a significant source of disappointment for me with the current game and I worry that its just going to mean fewer companions, worse party management controls, and a generally 'less than epic' vibe later if they don't start shoring it up here.

Well said (I abbreviated your full post for space saving purposes only).

I got so carried away with the notion of being able to play BG3 (after so many years I doubted BG3 would ever be made), that the more I played the more I realised there were several things missing that left me feeling rather deflated about the whole thing. The party limit is just one of them.