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I loved the feat system in 3.5 - I felt like it gave a better system for really customizing your PC (although, I always liked it more for the RP aspects, than to try to optimize my PC - I don’t really care if my PC is “the best” as long as I can act out my vision for the character - also, DM’s are supposed to take the party into account when drafting their campaigns - that is not really an option in a video game, though : /)

Actually, it is absolutely *possible* for a game to take the party into account. A game can be dynamic and it can take into consideration whether you have, say, darkvision to determine whether or not to throw in a darkness spell into the mix at a certain point or check if you have blindfighting to do the same or check if you have a cleric to determine how many potions of healing to make available or check to see if you have the ability to speak to animals to determine whether or not to put an alternative means of obtaining vital information into play. Games can be finetuned for extigencies - though it does mean sinking more money into development.

If they wanted, they could look at feats that may be more obscure and provide you with opportunities to shine with that feat if you so choose to pick it but not create those barriers for players who don't choose them, all without changing the overall story arcs.

However, I think there is a bit of confusion involved as I am not demanding they change editions - that would be too expensive at this point - but rather I wanted someone at Larian to answer that because I had written that it probably was not their choice elsewhere and I wanted to confirm.